San Rafael, CA

Serving All San Francisco Bay Area Counties

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Real-world experience

Our motto is "INTEGRITY IS OUR IDENTITY." For us, that means delivering safety and security to our customers. Since 2000, JT Executive Protection has been providing comfort and peace of mind to people just like you.


Do you need to keep your residential or commercial property secure? Our staff can keep trespassers and ne'er-do-well out of your property, including construction sites!




Do you need protection for yourself, your family, or an important individual? We can provide both armed and unarmed guards for all sorts of situations.

Don't know where you're vulnerable or how much security your event needs? Our consulting services will give you a complete breakdown of where you stand.

We can help you set up camera and security systems in your commercial or residential property to protect yourself!

From industry professionals!


Our Mission

To provide exemplary security guard service nationally and abroad. Continuously evolving security with the technological changes of the times, emphasis on complete satisfaction, ultimate professionalism, renewed perception parallel to specialized security operations and a spirit of gratitude to the protection of the boundaries covered. A company built on honesty, integrity, ethical principles, attention to the needs of the client and the thorough security protection of society at large.